Admissions at the Vohra Academy is simple. We don’t base admissions on SSAT or ISEE scores, your grades at your last school, or the essay your parents wrote for you.  Instead, our admissions policy is based on the idea that has grown Vohra from a one person private tutoring program into an elite academy: we can educate anyone.

Vohra is designed to turn students at any level into the ultra-elite.  So, we admit anyone who is willing to work hard and get ahead.

Our programs have taken struggling students all the way to the Ivy League, and taken honors students years ahead of their peers.  We don't need you to be brilliant when you get to us.  You just need to be committed to intense training and massive gains in intelligence and ability.  You will work harder at Vohra than your friends will at any magnet, private, or boarding school.

Review technical requirements for attendance at Vohra Academy.

Applications to Vohra Academy are accepted year round.  If you are dissatisfied with your child's current education, don't wait until June to make a change.  Contact us to secure your spot.

Entrance at higher levels

If you haven't read about our student levels system, find out more here.

Students at higher levels may wish to bypass the Pre-Alpha or Alpha level when they enter the academy. Doing so requires demonstrating certain competences and attaining minimum scores on specified standardized tests. Please contact us at for more information.


Our tuition is weekly, to allow greater flexibility for travel, athletic competitions, etc.

Vohra students often take time to travel, study in foreign countries, or participate in elite athletic competitions.  To give our competitive students maximum flexibility, our tuition is weekly instead of yearly.

Pricing Options:

$500/week (All weekday sessions, including evenings)
$700/week (All weekday and optional weekend sessions)

Fridays are used for open study and experimentation during the day only, similar to the techniques used at Google.  For more information about the regular weekly schedule, go here.

An equivalent of a 30 week standard school year would cost $15,000.
50 weeks of training would cost $25,000.
50 weeks of weekday and weekend training would cost $35,000.