Actually, there is an "I" in "Athletics", and in "Olympics", and four in "Individual Fitness"

Do you want to train to be an Olympic gymnast? A figure skater? A world class soccer or tennis player? A parkour or golf superstar?

With an elite, individualized online classroom accessible from anywhere on earth, Vohra Academy students have the option of doing athletic training others cannot dream about. You can learn golf in Scotland, martial arts at the Shao-Lin temples in China, or soccer in Brazil.

The same is true for extracurricular activities. Our program allows you to study oil painting in Venice, cooking in Paris, watchmaking in Geneva, acting in Los Angeles, or politics in your own district.


Because not all students are interested in becoming professional athletes, we also provide fitness advising, and help students access the fitness programs that fit their goals. Whether students want to develop cardiovascular strength or just look better, we ensure that our students develop the habits that will give them the lifelong results they want.