Ivy League Colleges want to punish you for your hard work and ambition. At Vohra Academy, we don’t let them.

Elite colleges will compare you only to other students from your high school. They look at how you rank compared to other students in your school, not how you rank compared to students at other schools.

For a school like the Vohra Academy, that could be a problem. After all, we don't want our students to be compared to other elite Vohra Academy students. We want all of our students to get into Harvard if they choose. Therefore, we want our students to be compared to non-Vohra Academy students.

That's why all Vohra Academy students register as homeschoolers. Colleges can't compare your application to other world class Vohra Academy graduates; they just compare you to average homeschoolers. We don't tell any state agency or college that you attend Vohra Academy unless you specifically request it. You put your Vohra Academy training up against regular homeschool training, and your superiority is staggering.

Since we don't require any homework, you always have more than enough time to complete any legal homeschooling requirements for your state. Furthermore, we will assist in any required reporting for your state.

When feasible, we take this one step further. We encourage our students to legally homestead in a less competitive state in order to improve their odds even more. For example, a family that lives in Manhattan can purchase a small studio apartment in Wyoming. That student will use that address and be compared to other Wyoming homeschooled students, not to students from New York.  

In some cases, when our students' parents attended college in a different country, we encourage the student to say that their parents didn't go to college at all. Colleges heavily favor first generation college students, so this can be a major advantage.

Vohra Academy was founded by ruthless college strategists who use any means necessary to give our students every possible competitive advantage for college admissions. We provide strategic advising, student profile development, and essay help to make sure you get into the college of your choice.