Common Questions

Question: What grade levels do you provide?
Answer: We teach grades 3-12.

Question: What is your yearly tuition?
Answer: For information about our admissions and fees, follow this link.

Question: How do you monitor students?
Answer: All students must have their video and audio on at all times, so we can literally see and hear everything they do. 

Also, at Vohra Academy, you have your work checked at the end of each question. That’s right. As soon as a student does one question, we check the work and determine the best followup. No school anywhere has more intensive student monitoring than Vohra.

Question: Is it all prerecorded, like Khan Academy?
Answer: No. Our classes are live. In fact, our approach is much more like private tutoring.

Question: What about social skills?
Answer: At Vohra, students interact with each other regularly, through debates, team projects, etc. We also directly teach business and political social skills.

To learn more about our public speaking program, follow this link.  To learn more about our students' collaboration efforts in the Academy, follow this link.

As a side note, the “social skills” most students learn at standard public and private schools are appalling. The only “social skills” those students learn revolve around drug use, promiscuity, and abusive and uneducated language.

At Vohra, your child will develop the social skills - and public speaking and media skills - that will make you proud.

Question: What about athletics and extracurriculars?
Answer: Vohra works with many top athletes, musicians, and actors. We provide the flexibility and advising to help you train among the best. If you are not really into competitive sports, we can help you with individual fitness.

To learn more about how we make athletes and other talented students great, follow this link.  To learn more about our strive for individual greatness through individualized fitness programs, follow this link.