Actually, there are four I's in Individual Fitness. Begin a lifelong dedication to health and fitness at Vohra.

Education is the process of learning how to learn; fitness is the process of learning how to stay in shape. Vohra's dedication to personal excellence extends to physical fitness.

Many students are not interested in competitive sports, but they still want to improve their health and physique. Instead of forcing all students into a one-size-fits-all model, we provide individualized fitness advising as part of our program.  

Most teenagers want to be healthy and physically fit, but many don't know how. They often turn to dangerous and abusive attitudes towards food, or pursue high-impact exercise before their bodies are ready. At Vohra, we help students navigate different fitness and nutritional options while helping them develop the discipline they will carry with them throughout their lives.

Our students are encouraged to explore traditional options like Ashtanga yoga, and classical cardio and weight training with proper form to minimize injury. We also keep abreast of newer, engineered fitness options like P90X, the Tracy Anderson Method, Insanity, Tabata training, and Barre.

As a Vohra graduate, your academic and speaking skills will help you lead in business and politics, and your physical presence will inspire respect.