Classical Rigor. Modern Dominance.

Grades 3-12 available worldwide via Skype.

You sent your child to a Montessori school because you value individualized learning and the encouragement of wonder, initiative, and inner confidence that is so pivotal to educational excellence.  Now you are looking for a middle or high school that shares those same ideals in education.  You’ve come to the right place.

Imagine a better private academy.

The math program surpasses those of China, Japan, or Korea.  The reading program fosters a deep connection to the most pivotal literary works of all time.  The science curriculum recognizes that students can start biology and chemistry in elementary school instead of waiting for high school.  And the Public speaking program combines the study of the oratory of the ancient Greeks with the development of your child’s own debate and media interview skills. 

What else?

Students read On the Origin of Species while they learn to construct Punnet squares.  They read Adam Smith while learning to calculate present value. They study philosophy, history, and literature in unparalleled depth to prepare for political, business, or artistic leadership. And they learn to think deeply, carefully, and critically about the issues that shape the human condition.

Then you find out, there is no catch.

This perfect academy was built by world-class private tutors, and was designed to give you every advantage over your competitors.  It has no distracting “higher” purpose; it exists only to make your child smarter, more knowledgeable, more formidable.

The creators of this academy spent years perfecting the use of live, online tutoring techniques so that your child will have access to real-time, individualized, online classes from anywhere in the world, and still have the same teachers and classmates.  This academy was designed to accommodate the most ambitious extracurricular and athletic goals.

Can it get any better?

Yes.  Your perfect academy also has the most ruthless college admissions strategists found anywhere, who will do everything necessary to get you into the top tier college of your choice.

Now here’s the icing on the cake:

This perfect school you have imagined actually exists.  This is that school.  This is Vohra.

Vohra was created by world-class private tutors who have helped students dominate elite private academies and magnet schools all over the world, and get into top tier, Ivy League colleges.

Vohra maintains a pedigree of close, tutorial style learning. Our Socratic teaching style, known as the Vohra Method, is much more like intense private tutoring, and not at all like inefficient lectures. In our thorough, rigorous program, you will achieve levels of comprehension and excellence your competition won’t even approach.

Vohra is like no other school, so take a look around our website to see what we’re about.

We encourage Montessori schools and families to learn more about our program.  To schedule your free consultation, email us at, or just text us at 301-706-9806.