Actually, there is an "I" in "Olympics", and two in "Professional Athletics".

At Vohra, we und­­­­­erstand the pro-athlete mindset. You need to dedicate your time to training, not waste your time on inefficient curricula and pointless homework. You need the flexibility to do travel leagues, compete in other counties and states, or go abroad for a month long intensive sports clinic.

If you're serious about sports, you need the option to play soccer in Brazil, to join an elite pre-professional league, or to dedicate six hours a day to figure skating or gymnastics.

Our solution:

Vohra Academy is entirely online. You can take your teachers, classmates, and full academic resources with you on the road. We give you the flexibility to attend classes between training sessions and at night.

With us, you can make the most of elite training, world-class programs, and college or professional recruitment while surging ahead academically.

Your Vohra education will exceed any traditional public or private school education currently on the market. You will have top tier SAT, AP, and SAT subject test scores. The NCAA requires teams to maintain minimum SAT/ACT score averages. When you have top tier scores, you become extremely attractive to all college recruiters.

At Vohra, you will dominate the field in physical battle, and you will dominate life in mental battle. You will have a thorough working knowledge of classical literature and poetry, of calculus and advanced math, of the sciences, economics, and world history. You will travel the world and crush your Asian peers in math, surpass your European peers in history, and obliterate your opponents on the playing field.

At Vohra you don’t choose sports or academics. You become a well-read, disciplined, eloquent leader in sports, business, and politics.