Public Speaking: More Important Than Calculus

Public speaking is the difference between a drone in a basement lab and the CEO of a biotech company.  Public speaking is the difference between a presidential advisor and a president.  Great leaders are defined by their public speaking abilities.

No matter how much your son knows about law, if his voice is barely more than a whisper, no one will take him seriously.  Your daughter may have the most brilliant medical mind of all time, but if she can't communicate effectively in a team, she'll never be a doctor, much less a leader in medicine.

Our Public Speaking and Rhetoric Program builds the confidence, grace under pressure, and leadership abilities that all business and political leaders need.  Our program can turn a shy kid who likes math into an assertive and eloquent member of the math elite.

You want your child to be successful.  You want to send your child to a school that will teach them all the skills they will need in business and politics.  Vohra students undergo regular public speaking and media training.  They develop vocal control, learn to deliver speeches, dominate political debates, and practice on camera interviews.  When combined with Vohra's academics program, our public speaking training will give you a decisive advantage in business, academia, and politics.

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