Student Levels

Vohra Academy is composed of three levels or “schools”: Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. Alpha is the first level, and Gamma is the final, highest level. Most new students begin in our pre-Alpha program.

Each school has a different theme, dress code, and style.

Alpha: The Individual and Civilization

Inspired by the elite academies of the 1800s and early 1900s, Alpha comprises a rigorous and traditional liberal education. Students begin their thorough study of Western and Eastern civilization through mathematics, history, philosophy, science, and social science.


Math: Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry
Shakespeare: Julius Caesar
Philosophy: The Leviathan, On Civil Disobedience, Locke's Second Treatise
Science: Biology (AP)
History: European History (AP), U.S. History (A.P.)


To complete Alpha, students must complete all coursework and achieve the following standardized test scores (under standard time administration, not extended time):

Biology: Either 700+ on the SAT subject test, OR 4+ on the AP exam
History: Either 700+ on two different SAT subject tests, OR 4+ on two different AP exams, OR one of each
GED: Assuming state regulations permit, students must get a GED certificate before moving on to Beta

Beta: Thought and Power

Inspired by royal and imperial tutors over the last three millennia, Beta is a program designed to turn you into a formidable force in a brutally competitive global economy. Even today, many companies are economically larger than entire countries, and this trend will continue. Beta develops the skills needed to dominate hierarchies, or to start businesses of your own.


Math: Calculus, Statistics, Actuarial Math
Shakespeare: Macbeth
Homer: The Odyssey
Philosophy: Machiavelli's The Prince, Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics
Science: Chemistry and Newtonian Physics
Social Science: Economics (AP), Psychology (AP)
History: Art History (AP), U.S. Government (AP), World History (AP)


To complete Beta, students must complete all coursework and achieve the following standardized test scores (under standard time administration, not extended time):

Math: a passing score on the first Actuarial Exam (P)
Comprehensive: Either a 1400+ SAT score, OR a 33+ ACT score, OR a 160+ GRE score
History: Either 700+ on one additional SAT subject test, OR 4+ on one additional AP exam
Social Science: 4+ on the Economics or Psychology AP exam
Science: A 700+ SAT Subject Test Score or a 4+ AP exam score in both chemistry and physics

Gamma: The Structure of Reality

This program is inspired by the geniuses of history, whose incisive minds shattered the most basic assumptions of social and scientific reality. This is an academic program beyond most colleges.


Math: Real Analysis and Abstract Algebra
Science: Special Relativity
Shakespeare: Hamlet
Homer: Illiad
Philosophy: Kant, Nietzche, Pirsig
Experimental Literature: Snow Crash, Portnoy's Complaint, Grendel, Catcher in the Rye
History: A rigorous program in the history of ideas, that analyzes the sources and repercussions of the ideas that build, transform, and erase cultures and civilizations


To complete Gamma, students must complete all coursework and demonstrate marked independence in the pursuit of excellence.

Examples of marked independence in the pursuit of excellence include:

Starting a business
Producing an independent film
Developing a product
Writing a novel, play, or collection of poetry
Running for political office
Recording an album
Developing a fine arts show


Most new students begin with Pre-Alpha. In Pre-Alpha, you will develop the prerequisites for the intensive study that begins at the Alpha level.  You will master the basics of arithmetic and algebra, critical reading, and grammar. Pre-Alpha also develops the attention and focus needed for more advanced levels.

Pre-Alpha training can last from a few weeks to 18 months. Once you demonstrate mastery of those topics, your Alpha training begins.


In order to begin Alpha training, students must demonstrate mastery of the following:

Math: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Integer Division, Fractions, Decimals, and Factoring
Grammar: Fundamentals of grammar
Reading: Accurate comprehension of basic reading passages, Understanding of analogies
Focus: Independence from all psychoactive medications


Grades at Vohra Academy are based on your percentage scores on standardized tests. For example, if you get a 4 out of 5 on the AP biology exam, your grade is an 80%. You can retake any test as many times as you like, and your grade will be retroactively changed.


There is no assigned homework at Vohra Academy. Most work is done during our intensive morning and evening classes. Outside of class, we encourage students to pursue independent study, intensive athletics, music, writing, or entrepreneurship.

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