Why Don't You Allow Psychoactive Drugs?

You know how most employers are looking for people who are slow and easily distracted?

Neither do we.

The ability to focus and work quickly is far more important than knowledge of trigonometry or chemistry.  Chemical dependence on drugs like Adderall, Concerta, and other psychoactive drugs diminish long term focus, creativity, and flexibility of thought.  In our years of experience, they impair the critical thinking necessary to achieve greatness.

In other words, psychoactive drugs breed mediocrity.

Side effects, including personality transformation, cardiac issues, liver problems, and stunted growth, are serious considerations.  Just as serious are the ways in which psychoactive drug use decreases your future employment opportunities.  We have worked with many students who have been denied the ability to serve in the military due to prescribed psychoactive drug use as adolescents.  In business and politics, drug dependency is seen as a sign of weakness and drastically reduces probability of success.  Few countries would be keen to accept a leader who was dependent on these drugs.

For all of these reasons, we do not allow our students to use any psychoactive drugs.

Our approach:

As part of our pre-alpha program, we will help you overcome any dependency on psychoactive drugs, with a combination of nutritional changes, and physical and cognitive exercises.

When necessary, we help students wean themselves off of video games and television, both of which have been proven to diminish attention span.  Most psychiatrists choose to immediately address any issues with prescription drugs, which they coincidentally make quite a lot of profit from.  We choose to alter environmental factors and maintain the cognitive functioning of the student.

Our goal is to do whatever we can to help our students achieve their highest potential.  Your highest potential cannot be reached while on psychoactive drugs.  There is no lesson that you will learn at Vohra Academy that is more important than the ability to live free of drug dependency.