Why Don't You Allow Untimed Testing?

You know how most businesses and political campaigns thrive on being slow and inefficient?

Neither do we.

Vohra students graduate to higher levels based on their performance on standardized tests.  The tests must be taken with standard time administration.  Students cannot use untimed tests to advance.  

Here's why: Untimed testing damages students.  First, it gives them a wildly inaccurate understanding of the business world, in which speed and efficiency are respected more than knowledge.  Second, untimed testing encourages and conceals slow problem solving skills and poor reading ability.  This prevents students and educators from correcting those deficiencies. 

We make sure that you are using the most efficient and effective methods that will give you an advantage over your competition.  Vohra students are taught to read with speed and precision, and to solve math problems in the fewest steps possible.  You will learn to work so quickly that you won't need extra time; you'll have time to spare.

The speed and efficiency you learn at Vohra will be the foundation of your future triumphs and innovations.