The For-Profit Advantage

Most schools are either non-profit or government run. Private schools are non-profits managed by boards and committees. The members of those boards pay no financial penalty for errors, and gain no financial benefit from being right. Public schools are managed by elected school boards, who mix the childish idiocy of today’s politics with the total incompetence of today’s government. At best, they debate on whether to teach evolution or intelligent design. At worst, they fall prey to cronyist boondoggles like Common Core.

As a private, for-profit institution, we at Vohra Academy know that our success is built on the success of our students. We have no donors to please, no voters to pander to, and no religious doctrine to follow. We have no political mission, no religious mission, no “higher” purpose that distracts us from effectively pursuing our only goal: making our students more intelligent, capable, and unstoppable.