At other schools, you read other people's books. At Vohra Academy, you will learn to write your own.

Most English departments teach only one kind of writing: literary criticism. They don’t teach you to write fiction...or nonfiction, persuasive writing, how-to, or any other kind of commercially relevant writing.

At Vohra Academy, your child will learn to write what matters. Our Fiction, Poetry, and Rhetoric writing curricula are some of the most challenging and rewarding in the world. Our students learn from classical greats like Aristotle, and modern writers like John Gardner. They develop their own skills through our encouraging writing tutorials, exercises, tips, drafting workshops, and writing competitions. While literary analysis remains a part of our program, it is there solely to help you learn to improve your own great works.  

At other schools, you learn to placate English teachers. At Vohra, you will learn to inspire and entertain audiences with your writing.